Will of the Thousands

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by Volts42 & DrJazzyBebop

BrayTech Futurescape, Mars

Ana Bray: Xol is tearing apart Rasputin's Neural Network, and if he does enough damage, he could trigger a chain reaction that will devastate Mars. All I know is we have one advantage left… the Valkyrie.

Zavala: I'll never trust Rasputin, but we'll need every weapon we have to stop Xol… even one that's powered by a Warmind.

Dynamo Approach, Mars

The Guardian defeats the Hive. Xol's roars shake the ground.

Alton Dynamo, Mars

Ana Bray: If we overload Rasputin's core, we can use the excess energy to overcharge the Valkyrie. I think that's our only chance of really hurting Xol.

The Guardian fights against the Hive.

Ana Bray: Open the cooling vents on the inhibitors. Then hit it with everything you've got.

The Guardian opens the vent on the inhibitor core and overloads it by shooting it.

Concierge AI: Attention, Neural Net Inhibitor offline. Core power levels rising. Continued fluctuations will result in a critical failure. All personnel are advised to initiate safety protocols. Remember: a safe work environment is a happy work environment.

The Guardian heads further into the facility and enters a room with a Neural Node. Ghost scans the Neural Node.

Ana Bray: Oh no. With the inhibitor offline, the Neural Network is going crazy. I'll try to stabilize it. Defend the area!

A horde of Hive appears. The Guardian defeats the waves of the Hive. A Kamus Wizard appears. The Guardian defeats the Kamus Wizard.

Ana Bray: Got it! Neural Net is online and ready. Now for the inhibitor vent…

The Guardian continues to fight against the Hive.

Ana Bray: The inhibitor vent is open!

The Guardian overloads the vent by throwing the Valkyrie into it.

Concierge AI: Core power levels approaching critical overload. Personnel are recommended to evacuate.

The Guardian continues further into the facility and enters an open space with another inhibitor core. The Guardian defeats the Hive, then opens the vent on the inhibitor core and overloads it by shooting it.

Ana Bray: Great work! Get to the core before it goes critical. It's time to forge a new Valkyrie.

The Guardian continues further into the facility and enters the room with the core. The Guardian defeats the Hive. Sulhava, Vassal to Xol, appears.

Ghost: We could really use the Valkyrie right now.

The Guardian continues to fight against the Hive.

Ana Bray: Stabilized! Kind of. But the Valkyrie is ready!

The Guardian defeats Sulhava, Vassal to Xol.

Ana Bray: All right. I need you to throw the Valkyrie into the core and force and full meltdown.

The Guardian throws the Valkyrie into the core.

Concierge AI: Complete core meltdown initiated. If you can hear this message, you are too close to the core.

Ghost: The Valkyrie is surging with energy far beyond what my sensors are capable of analyzing.

The Guardian takes the overcharged Valkyrie and defeats the Hive with it.

Hellas View, Mars

Xol, Will of the Thousands, appears.

Ghost: I've never seen anything so powerful! Be careful.

The Guardian fights Xol, Will of the Thousands.

Ghost: Try to hold on a little longer. Ana is bringing the Neural Net online!

Ana brings the Neural Net online.

Ana Bray: Auxilliary power has been activated! Get to a node and power up the javelin!

The Guardian continues to fight Xol, Will of the Thousands.

Ghost: Keep fighting!

The Guardian defeats Xol, Will of the Thousands.

Ana Bray: I can't believe it. You did it! You took down a worm god!

Ghost: We all did. We're a team now, Ana. A good one.

Mindlab: Rasputin, Mars

The Guardian, Ana Bray and Zavala stand outside the entrance to Rasputin's core. The door opens and the three Guardians enter the chamber. They reach the end of the platform. Rasputin begins to speak in Russian. Ana translates what he says.

Ana Bray: The Bray family shaped me to be an all-seeing savior… while your Vanguard sough to wield me as a primitive weapon. But today, that ends, and I define the reality of my own existence.

The outside of the Mindlab is shown, where Rasputin is firing Warsats into orbit.

Ana Bray: My sight will stretch to the edge of the system and beyond. Never again will a threat go unseen.

The chamber with Rasputin, Ana Bray, Zavala and the Guardian is shown.

Ana Bray: From this day forward, I will defend Humanity on my own terms. I am Rasputin, Guardian of all I survey. I have no equal.

Zavala: What have we done?

Ana Bray: Don't worry…

Ana places her hand on the terminal at the end of the platform. The terminal scans her hand and an image of Ana's Clovis Bray ID appears.

Ana Bray: We've got this.

Braytech Futurescape, Mars

Ana Bray: Are you familiar with the phrase, "Be careful what you wish for"? Yeah. It's something that's been running through my head since watching Rasputin launch a brand new Warsat network... under his sole control. I should be afraid. Any rational person would be. But I'm not. I know without a question, that no matter what comes next, we can face it together.

Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Zavala: The Traveler's light has illuminated a path into a world of immense change. But the brighter the light, the deeper the shadows. How we choose to navigate that path, that will define us for years to come. But in all this uncertainty, one thing has never wavered. And that is my faith that you are the one who will lead the way forward.

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