Adventure: Target: The Rifleman

Soriks's Cut, The Tangled Shore

Ghost: This is a sniper's nest. Great sightlines… We're on the Baron that murdered Cayde's Ghost. That was a one-shot kill. Keep your guard up.

The Rifleman: Ah… Target practice.

The Guardian heads towards the Rifleman's location and finds Cabal fighting against the Rifleman. The Guardian fights against the Rifleman.

Ghost: He's retreating, but I'm tracking his position.

Jetsam of Saturn, The Tangled Shore

The Guardian finds and destroys one of the Rifleman's decoys.

The Rifleman: You… missed… hahaha…

Ghost: Decoys. Smarter than he looks. Lightweight simulation tech. I've never seen anything like it. If we find more, let's grab it.

The Guardian destroys several more decoys. The Guardian continues towards the Rifleman's location.

The Rifleman: King Uldren wants you dead. [laughs] I bring him your body… keep your Ghost. [laughs] Sell its shell to Spider. [laughs]

Hellrise Canyon, The Tangled Shore

The Guardian defeats the Hive and the Scorn.

The Rifleman: …Or I mount your Ghost on my wall… next to Cayde's… [laughs]

The Guardian continues towards the Rifleman's location, eventually entering a large room. Two of the Rifleman's decoys appear. The Guardian destroys the decoys. Pirrha, the Rifleman appears.

The Rifleman: I… seeeee… you…

The Guardian defeats Pirrha, the Rifleman.

Ghost: You know, there's a reason I keep a low profile when you fight. It's just smarter. But Cayde's Ghost was just like him. Flashy, cocky… and incredibly competent. She didn't deserve to go down like that.

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