Anti-Anti Air

Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone, Earth

Guardian starts the Adventure

Hawthorne: Welcome back to Firebase Hades. The fun never stops does it? Luckily, they're off their game. Red Legion's still reeling from you taking out Thumos, so we've stepped up our air raids.

Devrim: And in turn, they've stepped up their defenses at the base. Some kind of anti-aircraft fire. Think you could find out more?

Ghost: Absolutely.

Guardian kills a Psion called a Turret Machinist, granting them an Ordinance Installation Order.

Ghost: You're right, Devrim. They've installed anti-aircraft turrets all over the base.

Hawthorne: And with how paranoid you've made the Red Legion, I'm betting they're pretty well guarded.

Guardian proceeds into the Firebase.

Legion's Anchor

Ghost: This seems familiar, but look out the window.

Guardian looks out the window.

Devrim: Does that mean you can see the turrets?

Ghost: Barely, we need to find a way out there.

Guardian kills another Turret Machinist, which grants them a Firebase Security Code.

Guardian proceeds deeper into the Firebase, and approaches a shield, stopping their progress.

Ghost: We're almost there, but everything's locked down. We really did make them paranoid.

Hawthorne: Pretty great, huh?

Devrim: It will be great, when they reach those turrets and give them a good thrashing.

Guardian kills Warden Derg. Granting them another Firebase Security Code. They return to the shield.

Ghost: The power sources for those turrets are shielded too! That's just excessive.

The shield disappears.

Ghost: Get me to a console, I'll take care of them.

Legion's Anchor

Guardian takes Ghost around to various consoles, dropping the shields on the turrets in the area, and destroying them.

Ghost: That's all of them. But as much as I want us to get out of here, there are two generators recharging their heavy tanks.

Guardian destroys the two generators, and kills Taskmaster Vazar, granting them yet another Firebase Security Code.

Ghost: That's our ticket out of here. But there's one more we can do while we're here. There's a huge artillery cannon in another part of the base that's about to go online.

Devrim: You two are pushing your luck out there.

Hawthorne: Sometimes that's the only way to win, Dev.

Guardian works their way back through the base, destroying a section of fuel pipe, before continuing.

Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone, Earth

Ghost: Perfect. The next time that big cannon tries to fire, it's not going to go well for the Red Legion.

Hawthorne: Why wait?

Ghost: That's a good point! Let's get to a maintenance console, and we'll start a firing sequence!

Guardian proceeds to a maintenance console, setting off a chain of explosions, disabling the cannon.

Hawthorne: You two have definitely earned your keep today. Red Legion's gonna be furious.

Devrim: May I suggest calling it a day? Before the entire base comes down on your heads?

Ghost: Ahh, you worry too much, Devrim!

Hawthorne: I don't know what's gotten into him, but I like it!

The Adventure ends.

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