Peregrine District, The Last City, Earth

Ghost: The Traveler! What's happening to it? Zavala, we're back and ready to – [grunt]

The Guardian's ship is hit by a Cabal missile. Ghost transmats the Guardian onto a rooftop just before the ship crashes.

Zavala: Guardian! Are you still with us?

Ghost: We're fine, but – the Traveler…

Zavala: That's why we're here – to stop this madness. Ikora and I are converging on the rally point. Cayde's already there.

Ikora: We'll use the Vex teleporter to jump to the Traveler… if we make it there alive.

Ghost: We've got your back.

Hawthorne: Welcome back, Guardian. Glad you could join the party. Red Legion's using these energy barriers to funnel us into kill boxes. I can hack into the grid and knock it down for short stretches. Stand by.

Hawthorne deactivates the barrier.

Hawthorne: Power's down! Go, before the Legion turns it back on!

The Guardian heads through the doorway before the barrier is turned back on.

Ghost: We're through.

Zavala: Roger that! We're almost at the rally point.

Ikora: Cayde, is the teleporter active?

Cayde-6: Ow! Son-of-a… Yeah! Almost ready!

Hawthorne: I knew it. Never send a Cayde to do a Hawthorne job.

Cayde-6: I heard that, Poncho!

The Guardian comes to another doorway that's blocked by an energy barrier.

Ghost: Hawthorne, we're blocked again. There's another energy barrier.

Hawthorne: Hold on – I've got you.

Hawthorne deactivates the barrier. The Guardian heads through the doorway.

Zavala: Cayde! We're seeing a squad of Red legion flanking your position. What's your status?

Cayde-6: Damn it! Next time you get to fix the Vex tech while being shot at!

Ikora: Keep your head down, Cayde. We're almost there!

The Guardian continues towards the rally point.

Zavala: Ikora and I have reached the rally point, but Cayde is still wrestling with the teleporter.

Cayde-6: I can either shoot or work on this thing, but not both, because they just shot off my arm!

Ikora: Cayde, we need that teleporter! We can't hold this position much longer!

The Guardian continues towards the rally point.

Zavala: They're coming at us from all sides. We need your help, Guardian!

Ghost: The Traveler… Ghaul found a way to drain its Light. It's the only explanation. Guardian, we have to stop him. If he takes the Light - It's over.

The Guardian continues towards the rally point.

Zavala: Ikora. Cayde. If we don't make it out of this alive… know that I've never been prouder to be part of your fireteam.

Ikora: If we have to die, at least we'll die in the shadow of the Traveler, old friend.

Cayde-6: We're about to die, and you're still making speeches?!

The Guardian continues towards the rally point.

Cayde-6: Just one more… Hey! Don't shoot that!

Zavala: Rrraarr!

The Guardian arrives at the rally point.

Zavala: Arghh!

Ikora: No!

Zavala: Guardian. We can't make the jump. It's all up on you now. Save the Traveler.

Cayde activates the Vex teleporter.

Cayde-6: A working, probably-stable Vex gate! One step, and you'll be right next to the big guy.

The Guardian jumps through the teleporter.

Systems Deck, The Immortal

Zavala: You're on Ghaul's command ship. It's a close to the Traveler as we can get you. Be brave. For all of us.

The Guardian makes their way through Ghaul's ship, defeating any Cabal they encounter.

Quarterdeck, The Immortal

Ghost: There's the Traveler. We're getting close.

The Guardian arrives at the top of the ship.

Ghost: It can't be…

Dominus Ghaul appears.

Ghaul: Fitting your Traveler would send you to face me once more. Look upon me. Dominus of the Red Legion. Annihilator of suns. Razer of a thousand worlds. Slayer of gods and conqueror of the Light. I. AM. GHAUL… And I have become legend.

The Guardian fights against Ghaul.

Ghaul: Your Traveler should have chosen me, and now it is too late. Look at your dead god. It won't save humanity a second time. I am Ghaul. I claim what is mine.

Ghaul retreats to absorb more Light.

Ghaul: More… I need more… Ahhhh!

The Guardian continues to fight against Ghaul.

Ghaul: You failed your Traveler. You let your city die. Give up. You have nothing to fight for. Nothing to die for.

Ghaul retreats once more to absorb the Light.


The Guardian continues to fight against Ghaul.

Ghaul: I pity you. You know nothing of sacrifice. Nothing of worth.

The Guardian defeats Ghaul.

Ghaul: No. Noooooo!

An apparition of Light appears from Ghaul's body. It looks like the shape of Ghaul with wings.

Ghaul: Traveler! Do you see me now? I am immortal! A god! You have failed! Witness the dawning of a new age!

The Traveler awakens and breaks the cage surrounding it.

Ghaul: You… do… see me.

The Traveler defeats Ghaul with an explosion of Light.

Ghaul: Nooooooooooooooooo!

The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Zavala stands on a platform in the Tower. Ikora approaches him, followed by Cayde and Hawthorne. The Guardian walks towards the Vanguard and Hawthorne. The Vanguard and Hawthorne congratulate the Guardian.

The Speaker: The Light lives in all places, in all things. You can block it, even try to trap it, but the Light will find its way.

An explosion of Light from the Traveler spreads through the galaxy and beyond. It first touches Mercury, then Mars, the Reef and Saturn. The Light continues to spread outside the galaxy where it reaches a fleet of pyramid ships.

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