Adventure: Red Legion, Black Oil

Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

Sloane: Guardian, listen to this. That black oily stuff that runs through Cabal armour? Apparently, it's got multiple functions. Assuming we can trust this intel.

Asher: Do you not trust facts? Hydrostatic organogel affects gravitational throughput for bipeds and vehicles. This is objectively true!

Ghost: Wait. That liquid inside Cabal armour… is also ship fuel?

Asher: More skepticism. Shoot them in their ridiculous helmets, analyse the results, and see for yourself.

The Guardian collects several organogel samples.

Sloane: Sounded like some solid precision kills from here. But what was that echo we heard on the last two?

Ghost: Local interference. I'm reading a huge cache of that oil stuff inside the Orobas Vectura.

The Guardian heads inside the Cabal ship, Orobas Vectora.

Sloane: If there is a stockpile inside the ship, then the Cabal are planning something big. You have enough firepower to destroy it all?

Asher: Destroying it is a wasted opportunity! The chemical makeup of the organogel contrains pathways for data transmissions.

Ghost: So you're saying I can… hack their body fuel.

Asher: No! …Well… yes! Ugh.

Echion Hold, European Dead Zone

Sloane: Dont listen to Asher. Destroy that stuff, Guardian.

Asher: Don't listen to… whatever her name is! The answer is sabotage!


If the Guardian chooses to sabotage the organogel.

Ghost: Asher was right. I've integrated a simple endless loop into the fuel supply. When any device - you stopped listening didn't you?

Asher: But I am listening! Continue your stealthy work, Hunter. That organogel is no treasure to be pilfered.

The Guardian and Ghost contaminate the fuel injection systems.

Ghost: I've sabotaged their entire supply.

Asher: Those Cabal simpletons will display their ignorance on a grand scale. I cannot wait! And you left things remarkably undestroyed. How novel.

Sloane: If I know the Legion, they'll be bringing out the big guns once they realise what you all did.

Sunken Isles, European Dead Zone

The Guardian escapes the ship and draws out the Cabal gunships.

Ghost: This is a perfect spot. And here they come, just like Sloane said.

Asher: Then put away your weapons and revel in your handiwork!

The Cabal gunships explode.

Ghost: Asher, you are a genius.

Asher: Do not waste my time with redundant flatteries! Instead, ruminate on the result of this experiment. Wanton destruction does not equate to victory!

Sloane: But it sure does feel good. Great work all around. You too, Asher.

Asher: Hmph!


If the Guardian chooses to destroy the organogel.

Ghost: That explosion triggered some kind of seismic alarm. The Cabal are sending reinforcements.

Sloane: We both know they won't be enough, Titan. Keep blowing up that fuel.

The Guardian destroys the fuel pods.

Sloane: Excellent work, you two. Asher disconnected a while ago, but I was with you the whole way. You set the Cabal back weeks with all that destruction. Never had a doubt.

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