Antiquarian IV: Return the Fourth Relic

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian returns to the H.E.L.M. with a relic recovered from a Pirate Hideout.

Eido: Guardian. We intercepted another of Eramiskel's transmissions… this time to the Pirate Lord, Alaaks.

Eramis: It is finally time for the Eliksni to take their rightful place in the Sol system. We've struggled for too long under the boot heels of others. Hive and Cabal rain artillery down upon us. The Vex steal every last scrap for themselves. And the Lightbearers hunt us for sport. But no longer! This system will soon enter a new age, one of Eliksni prosperity. Be sure you're on the right side of it, Alaaks.

Eido: I wonder what the Witness promised Eramiskel in exchange for the relics. Clearly, it was a persuasive offer.

Antiquarian II: Return the Second Relic

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Antiquarian II: Return the Second Relic

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Antiquarian VI: Return the Sixth Relic