A Rising Tide: Eliksni Quarter Community Event

Tower Courtyard, The Last City, Earth

The Guardian responds to a Vanguard request and reports to the Tower. A message from Mithrax awaits.

Mithrax: Guardian! This is Misraaks, and I require your assistance. I am close to a breakthrough with the relics of Nezarec, but I must concentrate, and there are civic duties that cannot be neglected. I must ask that you work alongside… someone… with experience. Managing a community—

The Spider: All right, Misraakskel, uh… I'll take it from here. Guardian, you claimed piles of valuables from the pirates. Now it's time to put it all to good use. We're asking the whole Vanguard to collect treasure from around the system and bring it back here. Misraaks has trusted me to allocate the funds to improve the Last City, starting with the Eliksni Quarter. [chuckles] He knows I've got a head for business. I think we can make this place sparkle… but only if we all chip in, you get me? Teamwork, Guardian. Don't be selfish now! Bring me everything you can get your hands on. And, uh… may the Light provide.

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The community completes Goal I: Cleanup. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter to check on the results. Several Warmind frames are present, sweeping up.

Mithrax: How wonderful. Spider is already putting the Guardians' generous donations to good use. There is… justice in using treasure stolen by Eramis's pirates to improve our lives here. Somehow, I think even Eramis herself would approve. Ah… this fills me with hope. May this be but the first of many improvements.

The community completes Goal II: The Ether Tank. The Guardian visits The Ether Tank, which is now well-stocked and decorated.

Mithrax: Ah, good. Spider took my advice and made some improvements to The Ether Tank. Eido would have preferred a library, but… sometimes entertainment should come before edification. A social space is important. This is now a comfortable place for citizens to relax and speak openly to their neighbors… and Spider does make an excellent Ether Fizz.

The community completes Goal III: Comforts. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter. Behind The Ether Tank are paintings which used to reside in The Spider's safehouse.

Mithrax: Ah, this is where Spider is keeping his treasures. He was speechless when I asked him to ship in some of his trinkets from the Tangled Shore. I told him his collection is part of our culture. Eido showed me that one should not deny the past, but rather grow from it. And there is nothing wrong with cherishing the comforts of one’s home. Even Spider deserves to be comfortable.

The community completes Goal IV: Recruits. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter and approaches Spider's Associates near the side door of the Ether Tank.

Mithrax: Look there: the first Eliksni to undergo Vanguard security training. Yes, there was some unrest when Ikora first welcomed us here. But this is about more than security. The Eliksni are being accepted by the Tower. The hatchlings and children of the City now see Human and Eliksni faces protecting them. May they serve with pride.

The community completes Goal V: Housing. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter and is directed to a raised ruin. It overlooks new Eliksni additions to the buildings in the area's outskirts.

Mithrax: Look, Guardian. Do you see the additions to the buildings in the distance? New homes for both our people, here… beneath the Great Machine. They say that when a fireteam of Guardians assembles, they can kill a god. But when all the Guardians band together… they can achieve so much more.

The community completes Goal VI: Garden. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter and finds Eliksni tending to a garden.

Mithrax: [chuckles] A garden? Spider told me I would enjoy his latest improvement, and… and he was correct. This is more than food for those in the Last City. We have plenty already. This little garden will bring our community closer than ever before. From this humble soil… we will grow hope.

The community completes Goal VII: Town Square. The Guardian visits the Eliksni Quarter, where decorations, benches, and a podium have been arranged around the wreckage of Insurrection Prime.

Mithrax: This simple place… a town square, you may call it, but to us, it is so much more. A place for community meetings. An open-air school. There will be lectures, forums, debates! And I will invite all the citizens of the Last City to attend. Spider built it here, standing in defiance of the conflicts of our past. May this signal a new era of understanding for all who live beneath the Great Machine. Thank you, Guardian. You have performed the greatest of kindnesses.

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