Beneath the Waves: Reunite with Sloane

Zavala: What is that?

Sloane: An ally. Her name is Ahsa.

Zavala: You can communicate with it?

Sloane: It's complicated, sir. I get impressions, emotions… ideas. She knows our true enemy. The Witness came for her species too. Discrete concepts are harder. Even more now… since this.

Drifter: And… you're still… you?

Sloane: Every bit. My Light is holding this corruption back, but I can… hear voices whispering. Demanding. It's like being tuned in to the enemy's radio. If we could strengthen my connection with Ahsa, I believe it would improve my ability to communicate through the noise.

Drifter: I got some ideas. I'll draw up some specs and drop by soon.

Zavala: Sloane…

Sloane: I'm fine, sir. And I think I'm long overdue for a debriefing.

Zavala: As you wish. We'll reconvene at the H.E.L.M.

Beneath the Waves: Distress signal on Titan

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