Beyond Light Prologue

Zavala: People of the Last City. Humanity has endured a devastating blow. Vanguard scouts have confirmed that Io, Mars, Titan, and Mercury… have disappeared. We don't know why. We have lost contact with Deputy Commander Sloane and Gensym Scribe Asher Mir. We are deploying Guardians to all corners of the system to find answers. And with those answers, we will form a plan. In the meantime… we ask that all Lightless civilians remain within the safety of the City walls, under the protection of the Traveler. Do not lose hope. Humanity has survived many horrors. We have done so through the strength of our community. Through steadfast commitment to one another. Stay strong. Be brave. The Traveler protects us… and we will protect you. The Guardians will come through. They always do.

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Adventure: Road Rage

Category: Asher Mir

Cayde’s Death

Beneath the Waves: Reunite with Sloane

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Bound in Sorrow: Sever — Shame: Check in with Crow