Blighted Coven

Cayde-6: Oryx is dead. Nice work with that. But the Taken are all wormed down into the cracks of the Cosmodrome. We think a coven of Wizards is running the show over there. You're gonna shut them down.

The Steppes, Cosomodrome, Earth

Ghost: Cayde, I'm having trouble getting a bead on those Wizards.

Cayde-6: Thought you might. My scouts have marked blights all over the Cosmo. They are pumping out Darkness like a spigot. Cut off the flow Guardian. Cleanse the place, and you should be able to find the Wizards

Last blight destroyed

Ghost: That did it. Wizards are marked and locked. Next.

The Coven of Wizards appear

Ghost: The Darkness. Its smothering. We've got Wizards.

Zyrach and Myshik, Daughters of Oryx and Thyshik, Matron of Oryx are destroyed

Cayde-6: We're getting good reports from across the Cosmo, Guardian. Taken abandoning the fight or getting sucked back to who knows where. This one goes in the win book. Come on back, now.

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