Cayde's Stash

Cayde-6: Turns out Crota does have a father. His name is Oryx and he's come all this way to kill you. We're not gonna let him. Oryx controls the Taken from a Dreadnaught near Saturn, but we can't get close without a stealth drive. Lucky for us, I hid one at the top of an old colony ship before I got roped into the Vanguard.

Ghost: How do you know it's still there?

Cayde-6: You better hope it's there. You won't survive the Dreadnaught without it.

The Blast, Old Russia, Earth

Fallen and Taken are engaged in battle

Ghost: Cayde, we've got a real problem down here.

Cayde-6: Let me guess, four arms, wear cloaks, smell real bad?

Ghost: Not Fallen, Taken!

Cayde-6: I thought we'd have more time...

Cayde-6: How bad is it?

Ghost: Taken everywhere, fighting the Fallen.

Cayde-6: Earth's going to look a lot like Phobos if you don't find that stealth drive.

Cayde-6: Okay, you're going to find a vault door. There's a trick to getting through it so let me know when you're there.

Ghost: The door's already open Cayde. We're inside.

Cayde-6: And the flux grenades didn't detonate!? I gotta get out of this Tower.

Ghost: What are the chances the elevator still works?

Ghost: We're heading up. Cayde? When's the last time you rode this elevator?

Cayde-6: Relax! It works fine... but stand by for resurrection, Ghost.

Ghost: From this height I can pick up Taken energy reads throughout the Cosmodrome.

Ghost: You know I was here, looking for you, when the first Fallen crews came through. Started with one skiff. A few months later the Cosmodrome was theirs. The Taken have done it in hours.

Ghost: How do we find your stealth drive?

Cayde-6: There's a bridge from the tower to the ship. Took me days to get it working, it's a little unstable, so watch your step.

Ghost: Cayde, someone moved the bridge, destroyed the controls.

Cayde-6: Yeah, that's the Fallen, probably trying to keep the Taken off their backs. See if you can reroute the power.

Ghost: There's still an active feed moving through those pipes overhead. Guardian, if you find the source I can patch the circuit.

Cayde-6: Once you get the bridge working, my stash is in the ball on top of the colony ship.

Ikora Rey: We're still waiting for details on this plan of yours, Cayde.

Cayde-6: Yeah, uh, gimme a second, Guardian.

Ghost begins hacking bridge power source

Cayde-6: All right, back in business. Hey, the bridge is already moving! Get to the top of the colony ship where I left my stash — and watch yourself on that bridge!

Bridge moves to connect the ship and the tower

The middle section of the bridge drops to the floor

Ghost: Any advice on which way to go?

Cayde-6: Yeah. Up.

Ghost: Don't. Look. Down.

Cayde-6: Hey, you found one of my secret rooms. Good times. Help yourself to the Glimmer but leave the exotics for me. When I get out this Tower... Hm hmm!!!

Ghost: There's nothing in here but Fallen caches...

Cayde-6: They took my loot? It's like there's no rules.

Ghost scans a playing card

Ghost: A Jack of Spades?

Cayde-6: Yeah, I had a whole system to keep track of things. The royal cards stood for weapons. Spades meant Häkke, clubs for Crux/Lomar, diamonds for Omolon, and hearts... huh, well hearts were for this girl I knew.

Ghost: What was her name?

Cayde-6: Uh, don't you have a stealth drive to find?

Elevator leads to a group of Fallen, they are interrupted by an Echo of Oryx

Echo of Oryx: What Crota began I complete. My will conquers all!

Echo of Oryx is defeated

Ghost: That thing seemed pretty mad. Oryx must still be holding a grudge for us, you know, killing Crota.

Cayde-6: Things won't get any easier on the Dreadnaught. You find my stealth drive?

Ghost: Are you sure it's still here?

Cayde-6: It's like all things. You gotta know where to look. Enter frequency 5982, Ghost.

Fallen container de-cloaks to reveal the stealth drive

Ghost: There it is.

Cayde-6: The best hiding places are always in plain sight. Transmat it out of there, I'll get it set up.

Cayde-6: Just do me a favour. If you find anything else I've hidden leave it for me. There'll be treasure enough for everyone on the Dreadnaught.

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