Challenger’s Proving II: Impasse

The H.E.L.M., The Last City


The Guardian approaches the War Table. Osiris stands next to it. The holoprojector turns on with Caiatl's image.

Osiris: Did I keep you waiting? I've been busy managing the antics of your commanders.

Caiatl: "Antics?" Hmph. Time-honored traditions. They don't concern you.

Osiris: You're auditioning members for your war council. I'd say that concerns us very much.

Caiatl: Your commander could be a valued member of it, if he would accept my offer. You seem like a wise man. We both know that the best victory is won before the war even begins. I'm giving humanity a way out. Zavala can end this now. You can end this now.

Osiris: A Cabal empress with a penchant for mercy — it's a novel idea. You've learned from the mistakes of your predecessors. But I see how you lean on tradition when you fear a loss of control. I see your uncertainty. Dithering. As for what I know… I know that an empress without an empire is in no position to offer anything.

Caiatl: The Cabal have lost their home, not their honor. If we're to die, we will take many with us. Tell your commander my patience is running out.

Caiatl ends the call. Osiris turns to face the Guardian.

Osiris: Your orders are the same. Honor or no, without a war council, she'll have no war.

War Table — Challenger's Proving II

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