Country Radio II: Devrim and Mithrax

Mithrax: Devrim. I had heard of you before our first meeting.

Devrim: Oh? Good things, I hope.

Mithrax: There is much good. But you were feared as well.

Devrim: If my reputation is for keeping the people of the EDZ safe, then I don't regret it. But I hope we can work alongside one another now.

Mithrax: We have one life, and our lives are not for us alone. Mine is for my daughter, and my House. Yours is for your partner and your people. We share much.

Devrim: Outside the City, we can't always depend on the Guardians. And the Traveler… ehh, has been somewhat inscrutable.

Mithrax: Hmm. I once believed that the Great Machine had brought the Light to Riis and to the Guardians because they were worthy of it. Then I… I questioned this understanding. My belief became… hollow. I felt a great loss. But I have found new purpose. There is worth in our actions, and in our spirit. It is in how we use our one life. We must let that be our Light.

Devrim: Our people protect one another and do what they must to ensure their safety. Now, we can do so for each other—Human and Eliksni.

Mithrax: Yes. I do not know the Great Machine's will… but the Light provides.

Devrim: It does.


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Country Radio III: Eramis and Mithrax