Awaken, Queensguard: Meet with Mara Sov

Devrim: Hello, Guardian. Good to see you again. Wish it were under better circumstances. I don't believe we've met. Devrim Kay. Velask.

Mithrax: Velask. I am Misraaks, Kell of the House of Light.

Devrim: I’d heard the Vanguard had Eliksni allies in the City. Good to have you here.

Mithrax: Yes, many have come to the Vanguard's aid. Marakel is using her Light to protect us.

Mara Sov: “Kell”? There is no need for honorifics... and my power is not of the Light.

Devrim: Afraid we must cut the pleasantries short. In the aftermath of the attack on the Traveler, the Shadow Legion has begun taking captives to the Pyramids.

Mithrax: Amanda Holliday is… we cannot reach her on any frequency.

Devrim: Holliday is out there. Of that, I'm certain. I'll continue scanning the comms. Knowing her, she's up to something. The only question is what, precisely. Give me a moment to prepare the LZ, and I'll brief you. Until then!

Mithrax: Together, we will save the captives, AND Amanda. The Light provides.

Mara Sov: You will need more than the Light to stand against the Witness... but I can provide. Now go, and I will focus on the battles to come

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