Country Radio III: Eramis and Mithrax

Eramis: Misraakskel.

Mithrax: Eramis? I have nothing to say to you. I spared your life, and you used it to return to your hate and violence!

Eramis: I will not thank you for your mercy, or ask for your forgiveness. But I am not your enemy.

Mithrax: You spoke this way before. Eido believed your lies then. I will not do so now.

Eramis: I saved your daughter's life. I know she is the future of the Eliksni. But the Machine-spawn will never allow us that future. Again and again, they cut us down; when we seek to unify our Houses, when we seek power for ourselves. They will never see you as their equal.

Mithrax: And you believe that we are equals? You bow to the Witness, and a god of the Hive!

Eramis: We are the leaders of our people, and we must find power where we can. You did the same when you chose to live amongst those who have slaughtered us for centuries.

Mithrax: I have ended that violence.

Eramis: It has not ended. You just live behind our enemy's walls. Your House relies on hope as much as mine does. I want us to be free. To be gentle, and care for each other. I want us to be weavers and dancers again. That is why you did not kill me. Because you want this as well. But until we control our own future, the Eliksni will never be these things again.

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