Desperate Measures: Neomuna Civil News — Caiatl Interview

Jisu Calerondo: [Neomuna News with Jisu Calerondo musical jingle] This is Jisu Calerondo, coming to you once again with a special guest as part of our continuing war coverage: the Cabal empress, Caiatl. Your Majesty, thank you for joining us today.

Caiatl: We thank you, Mr. Calerondo.

Jisu Calerondo: Most of our listeners know little of your people's history beyond your colonization efforts on Mars, and the recent Red War with Earth. Tell me, what is your goal here in the Sol system?

Caiatl: We came to your system as conquerors, Mr. Calerondo. While that was not under my rule, it is a banner I would have gladly waved.

Jisu Calerondo: And yet, you extended the offer of truce with Earth.

Caiatl: The Cabal say, "There is no road through war." Your direction must change with circumstance.

Jisu Calerondo: Ah, you're referring to the recent destruction of your homeworld?

Caiatl: Torobatl was consumed by the Hive… and the Witness. And so now, my people fight for survival, in addition to glory.

Jisu Calerondo: My sympathies. All of Neomuna knows what it is to lose a homeworld.

Caiatl: I do not place much value in your "sympathies," Mr. Calerondo. They were of little value to Earth.

Desperate Measures: Interlude with Caiatl

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