Rohan: Lightbearer, you have a dangerous mission ahead of you. Storming Calus's stronghold won't be easy. Normally, I'd have more intel before a direct attack.

Osiris: The Guardian has faced the unknown and prevailed every time. They are equal to the task. The Radial Mast is somewhere in Calus's ship. If you strike swiftly, we can remove it as a threat before it ever reaches the Veil. Enter Calus's fortress, find the Radial Mast, and destroy it.

Ghost: Oh, they're rolling out the red carpet for us!

Ghost: Huh, some kind of energy lock. Disrupting the circuit should open the door.

Rohan: Be cautious. If Calus is smart, he'll have his most powerful forces guarding the Radial Mast.

Ghost: There's… something strange here too. A powerful concentration of… Light energy?

Rohan: Something's not right here.

Osiris: Wait. A source of paracausal energy? It could be the Radial Mast.

Ghost: The Shadow Legion have the corridor locked down tight. Even if we could fight through, they'd have enough time to secure the Radial Mast.

Rohan: There must be more than one path to the Radial Mast. Stand by. I'll send you all the sensor scans we have.

Osiris: You want them to take an indirect route? We can ill afford to waste time!

Ghost: I'm working with less data than I'd like, but I've mapped out an alternate route through the ship. One with fewer cannons pointed at it.

Osiris: If this is what you think is best, then.

Ghost: Guardian, do you see that? It's more of that strange Darkness energy. What is it doing here?

Ghost: Looks like a dead end. Hang on, I'll reroute us.

Osiris: You're losing valuable time. This is exactly what I was concerned about.

Ghost: That statue could've come right out of the Leviathan. Maybe he's still the same old Calus, deep down.

Ghost: The Shadow Legion must use this grav lift to move equipment and troops across the ship. It should take us deeper in. I still can't believe my sensors. Could the Radial Mast really be a Light artifact?

Rohan: There's still a great deal we don't know. What is the Radial Mast capable of? How will it affect the Veil? And what is the Witness planning?

Osiris: All very good questions, but ones that can wait until we've destroyed the Radial Mast… and saved your city.

Rohan: I know what's at stake here, Osiris.

Ghost: The Shadow Legion are ready for a siege, all right. Just look at all these ships!

Rohan: Calus is ready to annihilate this city. If those ships reach the cryo-pods, the casualties would be devastating.

Ghost: Hey, I bet we could help with that! Overloading those energy conduits should do the trick.

Ghost: Are you handling extremely volatile energy? AGAIN?

Rohan: "Again"? How often does this happen?

Ghost: Too often!

Ghost: Ha! Take that! Rohan, you've got fewer ships to worry about now.

Osiris: An improvised distraction… [sighs] but an effective one.

Rohan: And the people of Neomuna will be safer, at least for now.

Ghost: Tormentor, up high!

Rohan: Are you at the Radial Mast yet?

Ghost: No, but we're getting closer. I can sense it.

Osiris: Good, good—they haven't moved it yet. There's still some time. Focus on the path ahead of you, Guardian. You're almost there.

Ghost: It's strange. I thought as we got further in, we'd see more of the old Calus. But this… How much has the Witness changed him?

Ghost: Osiris has been struggling. But I don't know what we can do to help… …If we can do anything.

Ghost: If my angles are right, this grav lift is a straight shot to the Radial Mast. We're almost there!

Osiris: You have overcome every obstacle so far, Guardian. Do not falter now.

Ghost: Just look at this place. All these Shadow Legion soldiers… there's a whole army in here!

Rohan: An army ready to march on Neomuna. Calus won't leave a single wall or citizen standing.

Osiris: That won't come to pass… as long as we stop him in time.

Ghost: Something's wrong. The door just… opened for us.

Rohan: I have a bad feeling. Be vigilant.

Ghost: That monument must be the Radial Mast. There's no mistaking it. That's Light energy radiating from it!

Ghost: Oh no...

Calus: At last, you have arrived, Guardian. Welcome to this final test of strength. Alas! This day, I have no riches in store for you.

Osiris: Ignore Calus's bloviating. This is your chance! Destroy the Radial Mast!

Calus: So you've come for this meager trinket? It is the very least of the Witness's gifts. A mere glimpse of the power it can bestow!

Calus: Even the best contender's performance grows insipid without a worthy opponent. [laughs] Wouldn't you agree?

Ghost: The Radial Mast is too well shielded. We can't even scratch it. But maybe we can overload those energy conduits!

Calus: I have made you what you are! Now let us see if you were worth the effort.

Ghost: Another Darkness anomaly! Where did it come from?

Ghost: Guardian? Guardian! Oh no, not now!

Calus: Now you will see true power—what could have been yours, if only you had accepted my generous offers. You cannot escape fated oblivion. Embrace your end.

Osiris: What's going on?

Ghost: Hang on, I'm getting a transmission. It's… uh, a set of coordinates? Inside this arena?

Calus: Is this the extent of your strength? Is this all the Traveler's chosen Guardians can muster? [laughs]

Caiatl: Guardian. Your recklessness will be the end of you one day. But not today.

Calus: Caiatl. Daughter. Traitor. Have you come to disappoint me one last time?

Ghost: We'll, uh, just show ourselves out.

Osiris: Is it done? Have you destroyed the Radial Mast?

Ghost: We can't! The whole ship is coming down on top of us. We have to go!

Osiris: We were too late once already, and Calus was able to secure the Veil. Now the Radial Mast?

Rohan: Headlong and empty-handed, Osiris. If you fight the river, it'll sweep you away.

Ghost: We made it!

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