Echo Chamber

Ikora Rey: The Vex still mourn the loss of the Nexus Mind. But for the Vex, time is relative. In one moment, a construct is lost. In the next, it is reborn. When a powerful part of the network is lost, the Restorative Mind is summoned. It has begun creating a bridge through time. A bridge that, if it is not destroyed, will see the Nexus Mind reborn.

Ishtar Sink, Venus.

Ghost: I’m detecting a series of concentric barriers around the bridge site.

Ikora Rey: They protect the time bridge. And seek to undo what we have done.

Campus 9, Venus

Path is blocked by Fallen

Ikora Rey: Unless I’m mistaken, barrier technology of this nature is unstable.

Ghost: She’s right. Find an Arc source. You can use it to short out the barriers.

Guardians use Arc source to disable gates

Ikora Rey: Did you know the Vex are organic? Within their metal frame, a heart beats. And they shudder at your approach — an approximation of fear.

Endless Steps

Ikora Rey: The Nexus Mind must have been a vital resource. The very appearance of the Restorative Mind means we have the Vex off balance. Press the advantage, Guardian.

The Echo Chamber**

Ghost: That’s the time bridge. And the Restorative Mind!

The Restorative Mind is shielded inside the time bridge. An Arc Source capacitor materializes in front of the Guardians.

Ghost: That capacitor just lit up. You know what to do.

Guardian retrieves the Arc Source and places it into the capacitor across the chamber. The time bridge begins to open and the Restorative Mind prepares itself for battle.

Ghost: That’s got its attention.

The Restorative Mind exits the time bridge and posts itself above the Arc Source. The Guardians continue to retrieve the relic. The Restorative Mind has no choice but to follow the relic and lower its shield, allowing the Guardians to inflict massive amounts of damage. It returns to the time bridge as a last resort. The walls begin to close in and shift left to right, as a great deal of Vex enemies begin to spawn. The Guardians continue to fight. They retrieve the relic and place it in the capacitor one last time. The Restorative Mind fires its Medusa’s Gaze to no avail. Its shield is down. The Guardians deal their final strike. The Restorative Mind is destroyed.

Ikora Rey: The weft and weave of space and time is intact. You have made whole the past again. The destruction of the Restorative Mind will ripple across the stars. And its deeds will be undone over and again. Very well done, Guardian.

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