Dread Patrol

The Guardian helps Cayde set up a patrol network on the Dreadnaught.

The Dreadnaught

Cayde-6: It isn't fun, but we need to set out some beacons so the Vanguard can patrol the Dreadnaught. Isn't fun for you, anyway. See you on the comms!

The Guardian heads to the Dreadnaught.

Cayde-6: So, Zavala was here a while ago. Gave this big speech about how proud he is, how well the "Dreadnaught campaign" went and... you know how he gets. Anyway, he gave me a list here — set up locations for patrol beacons. We need them planted and tested if we're going to get that tub under control. You plant them, you test them. I'll keep you company.

The Guardian touches down on the Dreadnaught.

Cayde-6: Right. First on the list is an intel beacon. Helps us get the lay of the land, gives us updates on troop movements, skirmishes and the like. You've got the marker, go do your thing.

The Guardian plants the intel beacon.

Cayde-6: Okay, the beacon signal is coming in loud and clear. Ah, in fact, I've already got a ping. Marking a hot zone for you. Go get a look at the fighting, see what you can see.

The Guardian scouts the skirmish.

Cayde-6: Data's good. Second marker should have been downloaded to your Ghost. Intel beacons are Ikora's favorite, by the way. Never met a woman who appreciated ambient temperature and energy readings as much as she does.

The Guardian places a race beacon.

Cayde-6: The marker's up and running. The eggheads love these scoot-and-scan missions. I just like 'em as an excuse to stretch the old legs. I'm feeding you data for a few nearby energy spikes. Get moving!

The guardian scans some energy spikes.

Cayde-6: I was gonna send you off with a pithy joke, but Eris started droning on about the pathways into Darkness or some damn thing. Got distracted. Anyway! One more beacon to go, if you would be so kind.

The Guardian places a hunt beacon.

Cayde-6: Beacon is hot. Yeah, that's a good signal. I'm getting some data on Taken patrols around the ship. We've already got a hot spot on the board. Go clear out that blight, Guardian.

The Guardian defeats Balvog, Shield of Oryx.

Cayde-6: And that's a Taken pack all cleaned out. Good work. Heh. You know, Zavala gets all cranky if you "have more important things to do" than plant beacons. Not a problem today. Come on back.

The Guardian returns to the Tower.

Cayde-6: Patrols are just one of those things we have to do as loyal Vanguard members... yeah. You did me a favor today, Guardian. I won't forget it.