Ghost in the Machine VII: Eris Morn

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian listens to a message on the radio in the Wing of the Haunted

Eris Morn: I received your last message. Whatever reckless plan brings you to the Reef need not be shared with the Vanguard… or the Guardian. But keep me informed, at the very least. Those haunted here have found a measure of peace. But it takes more than resolve to overcome one's regrets. We have both felt it. How a moment of pain can weave into the whole of our lives. How it binds us to patterns of thought and action. I have stared into the eyes of my pain made manifest. Pleaded with it. Raged at it. What face would your Nightmare wear? For so long, I believed peace was beyond my reach. No more. I have found it in guiding others down the same path that saved me. But… I might allow myself to want more than peace. What, I am not certain. Is joy the word? Might I find that again? You told me to live my life. There is more truth in you than either of us would care to admit. I have something that will be of interest to you. The lunar Pyramid remains rife with secrets. Meet with me, and we will discuss what I have found. Take care, Rat.

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