Ghost in the Machine VI: Caiatl and Zavala

The H.E.L.M., The Moon's Orbit

The Guardian listens to a message on the radio in the Wing of the Haunted

Zavala: Eris told me what happened. How are you?

Caiatl: Tired and old.

Zavala: But do you feel like a legend, Caiatl?

Caiatl: I will break you in half, small-man.

Zavala: [sighs and laughs softly] I can't imagine it was easy. That confrontation, after all this time. Mine wasn't.

Caiatl: You are not mistaken. I know what Ghaul is to your people: a symbol of death and ruthless ambition. But he was so much more than that to me. He was an idol, an inspiration to all Cabal. Even though he was born to a low station, he rose. How he rose. I was blinded by the light of his accomplishments. Unable to see the man inside. Unable to see his self-aggrandizing corruption. I refused to believe he was as much like my father as he was… It repulses me how much I still feel for them both, in spite of everything they became.

Zavala: It's hard to challenge your idols. Even harder to make the decision that you'll be different. But then you look back on your life, your own mistakes… and you wonder how you'll be judged when all is said and done. I'll never know Ghaul as you did. But I know you, Caiatl. I see you.

Caiatl: That is all anyone can ask for. To be seen as they are.

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