Ghost Scan: Core Terminus, Mars, #2

Concierge AI: Every day we're finding new applications for engrams that will make your life easier. At Clovis Bray, we're pushing the boundaries of computer science by utilizing the power of the engram. Would you like to know more?

Concierge AI: Engineers of the 21st century hit the physical limit in the advancement of silicon transistors, unable to resolve the issue of quantum tunneling at the nanoscopic level. The dream of quantum computing danced at the edge of our predecessors' imaginations, somewhere between science and science fiction.

Concierge AI: Ironically, it would take a further technological leap for us to later return and resolve the messy problem of quantum incoherence. That leap was the first successful encoding of solid matter by Doctor Willa Bray opening a window to the wonderful and mysterious world of the engram.

Concierge AI: The latest and most exciting application of this new state of matter is within the field of engramic computation. Physically encoding conventional silicon transistors allows them to safely store exponentially more information in a smaller space. With that breakthrough our computing power has grown immeasurably, and we can now actualize what was once bound to the dreams and fiction of our ancestors.

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Ghost Scan: Core Terminus, Mars

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Ghost Scan: Core Terminus, Mars

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