Ghost Scan: Mindlab: Rasputin, Mars

Concierge AI: From Mercury to the outer planets, Clovis Bray provides the most robust communication network in the system. Our Warsat network watches over us all. Would you like to know more?

Concierge AI: As Humanity expanded to the far edges of the solar system, communication and logistics grew increasingly difficult among the outer planets. Pioneers of the outer frontier built makeshift transmission relays, but these were unreliable and prone to failure.

Concierge AI: The development of the Warmind program compelled a need for a unified circumstellar communication network so Clovis Bray seized an opportunity to kill two birds with one exceedingly large stone. We built thousands of War Satellites and deployed them throughout the system. These Warsats link with the Warmind designated Rasputin and with each other, forming an integrated defense and comms system.

Concierge AI: Each satellite is equipped with a state-of-the-art kinetic superconductor that shields it from Kessler debris and has an orbital life spanning hundreds of years. No matter what threats lie in store for us, rest assured that that Rasputin and the Clovis Bray Warsats will never cease their vigilant watch over Humanity.

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