Calus and the Witness

Cutscene begins at 01:49 and ends at 4:59

The Typhon Imperator, Throne Room

Tormentors escort a large box through the throne room. It opens, releasing Calus in his new garb.

Calus: At last! My semblance matches my inner beauty. And what beauty!

Calus: Delicious power... I should be grateful that such power has come to live in me.

Calus grabs a chalice from a nearby plinth beside his throne.

Calus: Ah! This calls for a toast, does it not?

Calus proffers the cup to a nearby Tormentor. He sighs when it doesn’t respond. The Witness appears behind him.

Calus: My Witness!

The Witness: Progress?

Calus approaches the Witness.

Calus: The Veil is before us.

The Witness: Yet still outside your grasp.

Calus: My forces are locating it as we speak. The Neptunians won’t pose much of a threat with their tawdry technology.

The Witness: The final shape awaits. The Veil is but the next step. You have all you wanted... Emperor.

Calus: I am glorious! Thanks to you, my Witness.

Calus bows as the Witness leaves. He stands when it’s gone, and sits upon his throne.

Calus: Find the Veil so I can move on from this drudgery!

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