Lightfall Intro Cinematic

Earth's Orbit

Three Guardian jumpships fly over Earth to where the Black Fleet approaches the Traveler.

Unknown: There are too many of them!

Unknown: They're everywhere.

Unknown: Mayday! Mayday! On your left! On your left!

The H.E.L.M., Bridge

Zavala, Ikora, The Exo Stranger, Osiris and Mara Sov watch from the bridge of the H.E.L.M.

Zavala: Vanguard to all units, keep the enemy away from the Traveler at all cost.

Earth's Orbit

Caiatl's cruisers and Guardian jumpships engage Calus's Shadow Legion ships in battle. Amanada Holliday, accompanied by two more Guardians eliminate two of Calus' cruisers with missiles and swerves to join the rest.

The Witness's Pyramid

The Witness floats along the bridge of its ship, which is exposed to the vacuum of space. It flicks a finger and several Pyramids charge and release Resonant energy blasts which destroy many allied ships.

Zavala watches and lowers his head. He looks toward the Traveler which begins to gather energy from its surface and fires and energy beam towards the Witness's Pyramid. Flowers and roots are seen growing from the warping surface of the vessel. The wall before the Witness is ripped open by the roots generated by the beam and spread across the interior. The Witness rises up and walks through the Traveler's beam towards it. The gathering on the H.E.L.M watch.

Ikora Rey: What is that?

Mara Sov: The Witness.

Amanda in her cockpit speaks to Reed-7 in his jumpship.

Amanda Holliday: Whatever that thing is, we got to take it down.

They, along with two others bank towards the Witness, still floating through the beam. It turns towards the approaching fireteam and flicks its hand. Reed, his Ghost, and his ship along with the other two are separated into numerous horizontal slices. Amanda's ship is hit by a piece of debris and all goes black.

Crow: Amanda!

The Traveler is surrounded by eight Pyramids. They release a pulse of resonant energy which coats the Traveler, shuts off its beam and spreads towards the H.E.L.M. Its blast doors shut before the pulse can breach, leaving the gathering in dim red lighting.

Unknown: I’m hit!

Unknown: Going down!

Saint-14: Multiple casualties out here, we need to pullback.

Unknown: Mayday! Mayday!

Osiris turns and leaves the H.E.L.M bridge. The Witness reaches the Traveler and touches its surface with its hand. A light flashes and several images are seen. The Veil, past the various planets upon Neptune. The Witness pulls its hand back and looks at it. It turns its head and Calus's box aboard the Typhon Imperator appears.

The Witness: Disciple, you know what must be done.

The box opens and Calus appears in his Disciple Garb. Calus' fleet above Earth begin to turn towards the outer system.

Osiris: They found the Veil.

Zavala: We’re in no position to engage the enemy.

Osiris: We don't have a choice. We're out of time.

Osiris in his ship flies into the Vaul Guadium as it jumps to Neptune. A piece of debris covers the screen.

Ikora Rey: Osiris. Don't die.

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