Memories of Loss: Resurrection of the Witch Queen

The Guardian witnesses the memory of Savathûn's resurrection.

Overlooking the Last City, Earth

Savathûn: I saw the end before it happened. My own death. Brought on by the separation from my power. And in these final moments, I look to the Sky.

Savathûn falls to her knees.

Savathûn: Hello, old friend. I've chased you for a long time. First as an enemy, then as a collector, and finally, now... a supplicant. What is it the Guardians say? "Devotion inspires bravery. Bravery inspires sacrifice. And sacrifice..." [coughs] [grunts, coughs] Here we are. [gasps, coughs] [coughs] Wouldn't it be clever of you... if after everything, you simply let me die? Oh, what a trick. Elegant. [labored gasps] Is that it?

Savathûn falls to the ground. The light fades from her eyes.

Savathûn: If there is an answer, I don't hear it. Because now the world begins to fade...

Immaru appears and scans Savathûn's body.

Altar of Reflection, Savathûn's Throne World

The Guardian looks on as the memory ends. Savathûn appears in the room.

Savathûn: Incredible that I could forget something like that, isn't it? Such a storied life... erased. The Light offers us a fresh start. But if we don't know where we came from, how will we know where to go? I'm so grateful to you for reminding me. For telling my story.

The Guardian: Wait... what is she talking about?

Ghost: She remembers. We helped her remember!

Savathûn: Thanks for the memories, Guardian.

Savathûn conjures the Light.

Ghost: We have to leave!

The Guardian turns and escapes through a portal.

Lingering Torment

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