Exorcism: Severing Savathûn's Worm

Mara Sov slowly walks towards Savathûns crystal cocoon, and touches it

Savathûn: You're running out of time. I feel my sister bearing down on you.

Queen Mara Sov: Your family is tenacious, if nothing else.

Savathûn: No more than yours

Queen Mara Sov: My brother spent years suffering punishment for the path you made him walk. Finally justice finds its mark. Let this be the end of it

Mara and the Techeuns perform a ritual. The crystal shatters in a brilliant explosion. Mara approaches the broken crystal.

Queen Mara Sov: No… [Laughs]

The Guardian and Saint-14 approach quickly. Osiris lies among the crystal shards. Savathûn is nowhere in sight.

Savathûn: Thank you…

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