On the Verge: Meet with Nimbus

Nimbus: I talked with Osiris. Y'know, he gives off uptight-museum-volunteer vibes, but he's a nice guy when you catch him one-on-one. He got me thinking, which is a compliment I can give VERY few people. There's a place nearby you two might find useful for your Strand stuff. I'll get you the coordinates. Speaking of compliments—ha! You. You never fail to amaze me, you know that? Everything that's come at us, you're just like BAM, PEW PEW, KACHOW! And suddenly, whatever's comin' at us, ain't comin' at us anymore! And you just keep doing it. Like it's nothin'. Wow. The first time Rohan told me I did a good job, I'd given up hoping for it, and by the time I got it, I didn't need it. In hindsight, I think he did that on purpose, but whatever, I promised myself I'd do it different when I took over. The old man might think compliments go straight to your head. But if that helps you Strand-ify, and us take down Calus, by all means, let it go to your head, shoulders, knees, and toes.

On the Verge: Broadcast from Calus

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Parting the Veil: Research Log 1

On the Verge: Interlude with Osiris

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Osiris confronts the Warmind