On the Verge: Broadcast from Calus

Calus: To all the Cabal who still follow the Empress Caiatl… Stand aside before your emperor. Whether you lay down your arms or join with my legion, you will have all the freedom of the stars, until the last. Those who persist should ask yourselves: why do you follow a cautious empress, who has turned her back on bravery and grandeur? Even when Cabal must fight, there should be magnificence. There should be glory. Not timidity, not this cowardice. Look how your empress has fled from battle, relying on these Humans for strength. I may once have been deposed, but I remember how to be Cabal!

Ghost: We should probably see if Nimbus can disable that radio frequency.

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Presage (Final Smuggling Compartment)

On the Verge

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On the Verge: Meet with Nimbus