Outbound Signal

Zavala: On my order, the Dead Orbit fleet is well clear of Saturn. We'll need them to defend the City, if it comes to that. They've picked up a high-gain signal from the Cabal beachhead on the Dreadnaught.

The message is outward bound. Its target is far outside the solar system. We have to know what they're saying and who they're saying it to.

Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Zavala: Their commanders are dead. The Cabal are trying to survive against an implacable foe. Expect heavy resistance.

Guardian proceeds through Dantalion Exodus VI

Guardian clears area of Cabal and Hive threat

Ghost: The signal's coming from the bridge, but the whole place is on lockdown.

Zavala: Heavy weapons fire has their defence grid on high alert. Clear out the ship. When things quiet down, the doors should open.

Guardian clears area of Cabal and Hive, shuts down Defense Net

Ghost: Defence Net is down! Heh, kill everybody and the system thinks it's safe. Stupid computer.

Guardian proceeds to The Bridge

Zavala: Be wary. If the defence systems are active, some of the bridge crew may still be alive.

Ghost: The Captain's station should control the signal. Let me at it.

Guardian clears area of hive and heavy Cabal enforcements

Ghost scans Captain's station

Vro'ourn, Fist of Oryx spawns with Taken army

Vro'ourn defeated

Ghost: Signal's down. It was encrypted, but some of the headers are legible. This was a detailed distress signal intended for...the head of the Cabal Empire.

Zavala: I'll pass the scan from your Ghost to the Cryptarchy. I have a feeling we'll want to know as much about this signal as we can. In the meantime, that's a job well done.

When you see Arach Jalal, tell him, "thanks for the tip."

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