Off-World Recovery

Outskirts, European Dead Zone

Zavala: We need something to draw out Xol. Something worth… feeding on.

Ana: I'm not sure I want to know what a monster god feeds on.

Zavala: Power. And we've intercepted Red Legion transmissions about a new fragment of the Traveler that splintered off during Ghaul's assault. Xol won't be able to resist its Light.

The Sludge, European Dead Zone

Ghost: It's the Taken! They're jamming me!

Ana: The Taken? Are they after the fragment?

Zavala: It doesn't matter! Clear them out!

The Guardian destroys the Taken Blights.

Ghost: I've got a lock! The fragment is nearby, but the readings are inconsistent with the other pieces of the Traveler.

Ana: Zavala, assuming this fragment bait plan works, how do you expect to take down Xol without Rasputin?

Zavala: I won't have this discussion again.

Ana: I can tell you without a doubt, Rasputin is the only way to stop Xol. We need the Valyrie.

Zavala: We've won against impossible odds before. Without Rasputin.

Hallowed Grove, European Dead Zone

The Guardian defeats the Taken. The Guardian finds the fragment from the Traveler.

Ghost: The Taken have projected some kind of shield around the fragment.

Ghost scans the fragment.

Ghost: I don't think we can get through.

Ana: There might still be a Warsat left in Earth's orbit. Let me see if I can adjust its trajectory.

Taken suddenly appear.

Ghost: We've got incoming!

Ana: Stay where you are! I'm using your position to lock on with the Warsat.

Ghost: Understood.

The Guardian defeats the Taken. Mahesh the Bitter appears. The Guardian defeats Mahesh the Bitter.

Ana: Warsat armed and in position! Requesting orbital support!

The warsat fires on the fragment, destroying the Taken shield surrounding the fragment.

Zavala: Ana, how did you get it to fire?

Ana: I asked him. Rasputin was created to help Humanity. He listens to me.

Zavala: This time, the warmind listened. But are you ready to shoulder the burden the day it doesn't? Guardian, secure the piece of the Traveler and get back to Mars. It is time to go to war with a god.

Ghost transmats the fragment of the Traveler.

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