Parting the Veil: Research Log 6

Veil Containment, Neomuna

The Guardian decrypts the sixth research log from Veil Containment's archive.

Chioma Esi: Chioma Esi, research log: SIVA. SIVA is a nanotech fabrication system, intended to be used by Exodus ships to rapidly build necessary resources from base matter. Maya calls it "Willa Bray's obsession" without a hint of self-awareness. But we — we both see the potential it poses for the future. Each nanomachine in SIVA's design is an independent, thinking machine, utilizing a distributed quantum network to coordinate movement. Like a... mechanical version of radiolaria. Probably where the design was inspired from, if I'm being honest. But the design can be pushed. We're, uh — we're looking at ways of incorporating components from disabled Vex and erased Exominds. If we can insulate the nanomachines from the radiation that killed the Exos, maybe... maybe their deaths won't be for nothing.

Nimbus: Wait... does this really mean I'm part Vex?

Osiris: It's too early to jump to these conclusions, Nimbus! But there does seem to be some connection between the Vex and the Cloud Striders. It may explain why you and the others are able to enter the Vex network without the aid of Splicers.

Nimbus: Can I... time travel?

Osiris: [laughs] Oh... let's hope not.

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