Glacial Drift, Mars

The Guardian approaches a door. A Hive Knight charges toward the Guardian. Ana Bray shoots the Knight from behind, killing it.

Ana Bray: Hey, you made it!

Ghost: Actually, yes. We did.

Ana Bray: Well, there were a lot of them. But you did great.

The Guardian nods slightly.

Ana Bray: Come on, let's see what's hiding in here! Besides hordes and hordes of frozen Hive, I mean.

Ghost and Guardian turn to nod at each other.

Ana Bray: You two clear a path while I try to find a way into Clovis Bray.

Ghost: We've encountered Warminds before, but Ikora said Rasputin was trapped on Earth.

Ana Bray: Rasputin is capable of operating across multiple systems simultaneously.

Ghost: So all those times the Vanguard was trying to talk to him in the Cosmodrome…

Ana Bray: They were engaging fragments of Rasputin left behind after the Collapse. But his core mind was always here.

Braytech Futurescape, Mars

Guardian clears area of Cabal forces and then approaches a console. Ana Bray appears.

Ana Bray: I'm here. I'm really here. I can't believe it. Clovis Bray. I'm… home.

Ana Bray accesses console.

Ana Bray: The main access is encrypted. Good thing I know a few tricks. At least that seems to run in the family.

Concierge AI: Personnel Identified: Dr. Anastasia Bray. Welcome to the Clovis Bray Research facility, the fabled "Cradle of Invention," on Mars. You are part of an important moment in history. Together, we will strive to reach beyond the stars. Remember, you are Clovis Bray.

Ana Bray: And… we're in business!

The Guardian walks through a doorway leading further into the Clovis Bray facility.

Ana Bray: Looks like Rasputin's core is housed in a separate structure. Hope you're up for a little exploring.

The Guardian ventures further into the Clovis Bray facility.

Ghost: This facility is massive.

Ana Bray: The Brays dreamed big. I don't know much about my family, but I know that.

Mindlab: Rasputin, Mars

Ghost: I'm picking up a lot of Hive activity. They're swarming the core.

Ana Bray: On it. Let me try to access the security systems.

The Guardian defeats the Hive.

Ghost: What's the status on the security systems?

Ana Bray: I'm working on it. Hang in there.

The Guardian continues towards Rasputin's mind core.

Ghost: We have a big problem.

Ana Bray: Come on, Rasputin. Give me something here!

The Valkyrie appears, killing a group of Hive from above.

Ana Bray: It's the Valkyrie. Rasputin's weapon. I think… he heard us.

The Guardian defeats Ekdala Xolborne and Dultur Xolborne. A door opens.

Ghost: Ana? The door's unlocked. Did you…?

Ana Bray: It wasn't me. Maybe he's inviting us inside. Maybe this is where questions finally turn into answers.

Ana, the Guardian, and Ghost approach the next door. The door opens, revealing Zavala.

Zavala: Hello, Guardian.

Ana Bray: Oh, shhhhh…anks.

Zavala: What do you think you're doing? Do you have any idea how dangerous this thing is?!

Ana Bray: What were you trying to do to Rasputin?

Zavala: Rasputin is Vanguard business, Anastasia. Not yours. You do not belong here.

Ana Bray: I beg your pardon?!

Zavala: You belonged in the City! But instead of standing by your brothers and sisters when Ghaul came for us, you were here, doing what you always do - what you were never supposed to do.

Ana Bray: I did what I believed to be right. I came here to protect Humanity. Isn't that what Guardians are supposed to do? This is a war of many fronts. And there's more than one way to fight it, Zavala. Look, you tried to shield the entire world, but you can't. There's got to be a better way.

Zavala: And you think Rasputin is the answer? It's gone silent. It's a broken weapon. Too dangerous to be left alone, and too unpredictable to wield.

Ana Bray: That might be true. Or maybe he has nothing to say. Maybe, just maybe, we never bothered to ask him what he wanted.

Zavala: I don't have time to go through this with you again. You had no right…

Ana Bray: I have every right. You don't understand the connection I share with Rasputin. Here, let me show you.

Rumbling sounds in the distance.

Ghost: OK, we should really figure out exactly what's doing that.

Zavala: I can tell you. Rasputin was not the only thing to awaken on Mars.

Braytech Futurescape, Mars

Ana Bray: I thought we were done for. And then Rasputin... I didn't know if he would answer. I mean, I hoped he would. But you never know with him. That javelin, though, wow, that's one hell of a confirmation. But the REAL problem is Xol. The Hive became what they are today by making dark pacts with worm gods. Xol is one of those gods. I've been talking to Zavala and he has an idea. Something that Xol won't be able to resist. Problem is? That something is in the EDZ and everyone wants it.

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