Pilgrimage: Harbingers Seclude, Shiny Geode


Shuro Chi: I have heard it said that the Awoken brought the Ahamkara into this system — that we found them in the ruins of the planet that we carved into the base of the Dreaming City — but if you ask me, they came from the Nine.


Shuro Chi: The Ahamkara always came and went from the Dreaming City by way of this platform, which meant they always passed by these geodes. We used them as protective measures. Shiny surfaces can reveal some of the Ahamkara's secrets — if you know what to look for.


Shuro Chi: Reflections are powerful things. They can disarm certain kinds of magic. Wish-magic, in particular, is susceptible — since it is so heavily dependent on expectation and perception…


Shuro Chi: Know this, Guardian. If an Ahamkara has hidden itself away beyond Jupiter, if the last of them did not die here in the Dreaming City… you can reveal their true intentions with reflective surfaces.

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