Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Cave


Shuro Chi: I don't know who or what that face depicts. All I know is the Awoken did not carve it. Queen Mara has said it's an ugly thing carve your own likeness in stone while you still live.


Shuro Chi: I can name the heroes depicted in every one of our statues… but this face is a mystery. We did not carve it ourselves. It simply manifested overnight.


Shuro Chi: The Dreaming City is so-called because the Awoken drive the fate of the Dreaming, and the Dreaming drive the will of the Awoken. The Dreaming have been known to manifest on occasion - strange faces, peering from rocks…


Shuro Chi: There are rumors that the Dreaming City was built upon the foundations of a ruined planet, one we found and towed back from beyond. They say we preserved the old structures and built atop them…

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