Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Crystal


Shuro Chi: This place always reminds me of Illyn and her dusty-old epics… How did it go? Mm, "In anguish, dying, maimed, they keened unheard into the ether's vast and airless reach. A final whisper deep within them stirred and crossed the void. Then voices filled the breach."


Shuro Chi: Illyn, the mother of our coven, used to bring us here to remember the old epics. A piece of one used to go, "Speaking us awake — darkness and starlight released our minds and overwhelmed our sight. Their cosmic boon did we at first rejoice, 'til they laid at our feet a fateful choice…"


Shuro Chi: Illyn used to gather us here to recite the old epics. She'd say, "I sing of twilight's children, who awoke; when at the edge of darkness, all hope lost, upon the treacherous reef their vessels broke, and untold kin their exodus cost."

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Pilgrimage: Spine of Keres, Cave

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