Pyramid Preservation

Quagmire, Savathûn's Throne World

After the death of Rhulk, a Disciple of the Witness, the Guardian speaks with Fynch.

Fynch: Wow. The unkillable… is dead. Ha, the Witness must be shaking in its boots, yeah? Oh man, you Guardians! You're always pulling off the unimaginable. I never knew the guy personally, but word on the street was Rhulk had been the, uh, proverbial thorn in Savathûn's side for, like, eons, really. But now, both of them are… y'know…. in the ground. Which means nobody's controlling that Pyramid, and the Scorn see the opportunity. Their control could lead us right back to another Rhulk-sized problem, so if you, y'know, don't mind, maybe keep the place under our control instead? And who knows? Maybe in the process, we'll learn something more about Rhulk, or even better — the Witness. Good luck in there, friend!

Fynch — Pyramid Preservation

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Category: Savathûn

Quest: A Cry From Beyond, Let Loose Thy Talons