Quest: A Cry From Beyond, Let Loose Thy Talons

Hallowed Grove, European Dead Zone, Earth

The Guardian joins the Crow in the Hallowed Grove to discover more about Crow's dreams.

The Crow: This is it. The geography matches my dream exactly. There was a bird? Or… I was the bird? Sometimes it's hard to remember. I'll scout the high route. Can you take the lower path?

Ghost: Watch out for Taken up there. Savathûn might be hiding, but her minions are active as ever. Do you remember anything else about your dream?

The Crow: Someone was calling to me, but I couldn't understand. It sounded like they were… underwater or down a long tunnel. Then… nothing.

The Guardian defeats Taken as they progress through the Hallowed Grove. Emissary of Savathûn appears.

Ghost: Did — did you just hear that?

Glint: Affirmative! Did you notice the way the sound scatters in spectral analysis?

Ghost: What? No — but that's… it resonated on the same frequency as the Traveler!

The Guardian defeats an Emissary of Savathûn. A pathway is revealed as the Guardian investigates another manifestation of Light in the form of a hawk.

Ghost: That hawk… it was made of the Light.

The Crow: It was real. The dream, the bird. I've got coverage of you from up here. I'll watch your back when you go in. Be careful.

Hallowed Rift, European Dead Zone, Earth

The Guardian traverses the chasm and cliffs pursuing the golden hawk.

The Crow: Ghost, can you patch Glint into your feed? I need to see what's in there.

Ghost: Of course. You're patched in.

The Crow: I don't understand how any of this is possible.

Glint: Guardians don't experience visions of their past lives. But there are historical records from the Dark Age detailing visions experienced by survivors of the Collapse.

The Crow: What were the nature of these visions?

Glint: They varied. But the most widely held belief is they came from the dormant Traveler. Like the survivors were experiencing its dreams. If it dreams.

The Taken appear blocking the path forward.

Ghost: Whatever was calling to you in your dreams, Crow… it's in there.

The Guardian defeats the Taken and reveals a pathway. The Guardian pursues the golden hawk to another piece of the Traveler.

Ghost: A piece of the Traveler.

The Crow: I don't think it's a coincidence that the Taken are so active here.

Ghost: Savathûn?

The Crow: She knows about this. Has to.

Ghost: Taken!

The Crow: Out here too! We'll cover the entrance!

Korusk, Lighteater of Savathûn appears. Tarusk, Lightstealer of Savathûn appears. The Guardian defeats Korusk, Tarusk, and the Taken. The Guardian approaches the golden hawk to receive a gift.

Ghost: I know this gun. It looks like Hawkmoon… or at least part of it. I thought it was lost forever when the Red Legion destroyed the Tower. No. It's… an effigy of Hawkmoon. Made from the same material as the outer shell of the Traveler. This reminds me of the gift the Pyramid left us on Io. The one Eris transformed into a weapon, but it's undeniably of the Light!

The Guardian takes the Effigy of Hawkmoon.

The Crow: My dream. The bird. The voice calling to me as the Darkness closes in. It's not a coincidence; it's a message.

Ghost: Are you suggesting the Traveler spoke to you?

Glint: This may be the only way a paracausal entity like the Traveler can communicate with us.

The Crow: Why me?

Glint: I've always believed in my purpose as a Ghost. We are all part of a broader design. Now that the Traveler is awake and whole again… that plan is set in motion.

The Crow: I don't know if I want to be somebody's cosmic plaything.

Dream of a Dream

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