Quest: A Disturbance on Mercury, A Matter of Time

Sundial Slipway, Fields of Glass, Mercury

The Guardian approaches the Sundial. Osiris steps through a portal to meet with the Guardian.

Osiris: Welcome to my Sundial. It is a means to walk the corridors of time. And time is broken here on Mercury. I need your help.

The Guardian approaches Osiris.

Osiris: You've been busy, Guardian. When you slew the Undying Mind, you changed the course of history. Inside the Infinite Forest, the Vex future I long sought to prevent was no more. Instead, I met an emptiness I'm only beginning to understand. This new future dwarfed the Vex apocalypse: it was annihilation at the subatomic level, reaching out forever. So I left the Forest. And I emerged to find that time is broken on Mercury. The Red Legion have run amok in timelines across the past, present, and future of this planet. If you're willing to help, I'll arm you to smash the Legion and collapse the timelines they've created. You'll need my Sundial to do it.

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