A Deadly Trial

Trostland, European Dead Zone

Ghost: The coordinates Brother Vance gave us are just beyond the village.

Ikora: Hawthorne's scouts surveyed that area in the Red War. There's no temple there. Just an old radio tower.

Ghost: Have a little faith, Ikora.

Maevic Square, European Dead Zone

The Guardian defeats the Fallen, then heads towards the rendezvous with the Followers of Osiris.

Ghost: So, are the Followers all as… "passionate" as Brother Vance?

Ikora: You mean fanatical. Yes. They follow the idea of Osiris. They do not know the man as I did. But they're our best chance to revive Sagira.

The Guardian defeats the Fallen Walker. The barrier blocking the road ahead disappears.

Ghost: I feel bad for anyone who has to live out here.

Ikora: Osiris would say it's a trial. If his Followers can't survive here, they aren't worthy to begin with.

Hangman's Pass, European Dead Zone

The Guardian continues towards the rendezvous with the Followers of Osiris. After passing through a tunnel, they arrive at an open area with a radio tower.

Ghost: It really is just a radio tower. And the Fallen got here first.

Ikora: That's what faith in Osiris gets you.

The Guardian defeats the Fallen and proceeds into the tower.

Ghost: The Followers! We're too late.

The Guardian begins to revive Sagira.

Ghost: Let me take a closer look. This is heavily modified Vex tech. I've never seen anything like it before. Let me try something… Wait… Something's happening. What is…

Sagira: …going on?! Whoa! New shell. Who…? Did you actually just put me in a strange machine you've never seen before? Who does that?

Ikora: Sagira!

Sagira: Ikora! Great! Glad you're still around. Look, we've gotta move. Right now. Osiris is in over his head, as usual, and I need to… Wait… Where are we? Who are you? Ugh, never mind. We've gotta get to Mercury. And don't worry about your Ghost. We're… sharing right now. He'll be back.

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