Quest: A Visit to Command, Enemy of My Enemy

Siren's Watch, Titan

Sloane: Sorry I couldn't be there when you finally took the fight to Ghaul. We did our share of damage in the streets, though. I've never been so happy to get some new dents in my armor. Looks like you've got some new ones too. Turning the tide of a war will do that. Red Legion should have the sense to get the hell out of the system. They're too stubborn to retreat… but they're on their heels. Let's give them a push.

Sloane: Before you showed up, this place was one weird Hive ritual away from sliding into the ocean. Now look at it. They'd just as soon scurry back under a rock than face you again. Makes me miss being in a proper fireteam. So, if you need a Titan by you side… Maybe someday. Commander Zavala told me to hold the line at Saturn, and I never let the boss down. I'll be watching your back from this end. Don't let up out there.

Sloane: You know, I've fought on every battlefield in the system. Mars, Venus, the Hive Dreadnaught. You name it, I've been there. I've never held a front so determined to fall - literally into the ocean. We've tracked a crew of Fallen to an auxiliary control center. They hit the wrong switch in there, and we'll have water over our boots by morning. Go remind them who owns this rig. Dismissed.

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