Quest: Asher’s Theory, Dynasty

The Rupture, Io

Asher: Ah, my assistant. The so-called "Hero Of The Red War". The celebrated restorer of Light. Hmph. I have always believed that Guardians squander the miracle of the Light: resurrection. They waste it on heroism, when they could devote themselves to discovering the secrets of our universe! Despicable. However… your heroism has proven the ugliness of my prejudice. Studying you has been quite educational. Surprisingly, I still have much to learn. And much to do, while I still have time.

Asher: You're late. The Pyramidion is the engine with which the Vex intended to convert Io into a machine-world. There are warp gates inside, which connect the Pyramidion to thousands of different places and realities. In your luxurious absence, the Taken entered it in search of said warp gates. I hypothesize that they seek to consume the Vex Collective Mind. Obviously, that must not happen. I lost my arm in the Pyramidion, I cannot begin to postulate what you will lose.

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Ghost Scan: The Rupture, Io, #3

Category: Asher Mir

Quest: Calculated Action, Dynasty