Quest: Open The Gate, Completing An Impossible Task

The Sundial, Fields of Glass, Mercury

The Guardian enters a portal to Mercury's past. The Guardian defeats the Vex including a Cyclops. The Guardian opens a gate to the Infinite Forest.

Ghost: If we did this right, Saint should be waiting for us in the Forest. Let's hope he's still alive.

A gate to the Infinite Forest is shown. A Vex Goblin is thrown out of the gate. The Goblin gets to its feet and walks towards the gate. A fist emerges from the gate and punches the Goblin, killing it.

Saint-14: My name is Saint-14.

Saint-14 emerges from the gate, dragging a Vex Goblin behind him. Saint-14 shoots the Goblin with his shotgun.

Saint-14: They call me the greatest Titan who ever lived. But I would be dead if not for you.

A Vex Minotaur emerges from the gate. Saint-14 turns around and bashes the Minotaur with his Void shield, then headbutts the Minotaur several times. Saint-14 grabs the dead Goblin, wraps it around the Minotaur, and kills the Minotaur with a final headbutt.

Saint-14: Since the day I met you, I swore I would make it my duty to follow your example. I'm still trying.

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