Quest: Parts Long Lost, A Moment In Time

Twilight Gap, Earth

Saint-14: Welcome to Twilight Gap. The place where humanity nearly died.

Osiris: Guardian? There are no Crucible matches scheduled for the Gap today.

Saint-14: Osiris? How did you know we were here?

Osiris: I saw the Guardian arrive.

Saint-14: You're spying on him?

Osiris: I watch all Guardians of stature.

The Guardian collects Timelost Fragments from three Redjack Frames.

Saint-14: The battle against the Fallen that took place here: it made Titans famous. Not in a good way.

Osiris: You say that like Warlocks and Hunters sat on their hands.

Saint-14: Get off this line, Osiris. I'm showing the Guardian something very important.

Osiris: Make me.

Saint-14: [laughs] You would not survive that. But you make me laugh. You can stay.

The Guardian collects Timelost Fragments from another three Redjack Frames.

Saint-14: The fabled Gjallarhorns of legend were constructed from the armor of Guardians who died here. Final deaths, all of them.

Osiris: What happened here wasn't your fault. Or mine.

Saint-14: We would have lost if not for Shaxx's last stand. With Nkechi and Adbi and Truce. Liu Feng. Ana. They all believed in him.

Osiris: He's more stubborn than you.

Saint-14: I have never known him to give up. Ever. He's taught me a lot.

The Guardian collects Timelost Fragments from another three Redjack Frames.

Saint-14: Guardian, whether you wanted it or not… You've become the best of us. Or close to it. Without you, there would be no Saint-14. The battle of Twilight Gap might have been lost.

Osiris: Saint, your ego knows no bounds.

Saint-14: And you have a fat head, Warlock.

The Guardian collects the final Timelost Fragment from a Redjack Frame.

Shaxx: What's all this? Guardian, there are no sanctioned matches at Twilight Gap right now.

Osiris: That's exactly what I was saying.

Shaxx: Osiris?

Saint-14: Warlord Shaxx. As I live and breathe.

Shaxx: Saint-14. I thought you were dead.

Saint-14: Brother. I have always hated you.

Shaxx: [laughs]

Osiris: They'll be at this for awhile, Guardian. Feel free to move about the universe. I'm sure you have better things to do than listen to this.

Saint-14: Shaxx. The Crucible — what have you done with it?

Shaxx: It's not the Crucible by which you and I were forged. Took years, but Twilight Gap changed everything. After that day out there, the Crucible went from a place where we settled our differences to a place where we bettered ourselves.

Saint-14: I heard you give out some amazing weapons to your fighters.

Shaxx: Those weapons are earned. With blood, sweat, and tears.

Saint-14: Are you sure your fighters are bettering themselves? Or chasing hardware?

Shaxx: Listen: Even Guardians need to get paid once in a while.

Saint-14: [scoffs] When you put it that way, you sound like that sad, lonely rat man who lives downstairs.

Shaxx: The Drifter? Keep your enemies close, right? Watch him for us.

Saint-14: I was shocked to see Eris Morn again. She is not as she was.

Shaxx: She represents the best of us. Ghostless. And stronger than you and me both.

Saint-14: Perhaps we could get her a bigger gun. She would not have to carry that rock all the time. Speaking of guns: uh, tell me more about these weapons you've crafted. I am not allowed to earn them. I have heard you made one for young Redrix. Redrix's Claymore?

Shaxx: Broadsword.

Saint-14: Whatever. There was a Hand Cannon as well. You made one for Josef. Luna's Howl.

Shaxx: Yes. Luna was his dog. She passed on the Moon. Fighting Hive.

Saint-14: Those bastards. I'm glad you killed their King.

Shaxx: Are these questions leading anywhere, Saint?

Saint-14: Yes. The long rifle you designed. The Revoker. What is the story behind it? What does it do?

Shaxx: It shoots bullets, Saint. It's a gun.

Saint-14: [grunts] All the good work you've done. The City is amazing. The Tower is amazing.

Shaxx: Anything I have done pales in comparison to what our Guardian has accomplished.

Saint-14: I always told you he would return to save us.

Shaxx: Still wearing that spinfoil hat, I see. The Guardian saved you with Vex Tech. He is not a divine savior.

Saint-14: [scoffs] Wanna bet?

Shaxx: Oh, you never change.

Saint-14: And you still owe me glimmer.

Shaxx: In my defense, you were dead. And I don't make much as Crucible Handler.

Saint-14: You know, when I walk the streets of the City, the children demand I carry them. I do so. But I ask them to sing me a song. A song of their people.

Shaxx: No. I refuse.

Saint-14: Then you can pay me. A Titan is only as good as his word.

Shaxx: But I don't know any songs.

Saint-14: Make something up.

Shaxx: Oh, let me see. Eris hummed a few bars on the Moon. How did it go? I'm on the moon. It's made of cheese.

Saint-14: That is awful.

Shaxx: It's not my song. It's Eris's.

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