Quest: The Dance of My People

Sanctuary, The Moon

After going around the solar system sharing the spirit of the Festival of the Lost, the Guardian comes back to Eris Morn and dances in front of her.

Eris Morn: I did not understand the Festival of the Lost when I first returned to the Tower. I had lost so much. My fireteam. My eyes. My Ghost. So, to see people celebrating something so serious as loss with stupid masks, and stupid candy… It was hard to understand. It felt like everyone in the Tower was mocking me and all my dead friends. It took a long time for me to see that sometimes the best way to honor the dead is to live your best life. And above all… to brush your teeth. Dental hygiene is key to a long life. Trust me. I should know.

Eris Morn gives the Guardian a toothbrush.


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