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Eris Morn: All this was set in motion long ago. He calls out, and the Darkness answers.

Cayde-6: Okay, creepy sidekick. Check. Roguish commander. Check. And then we have the Guardian, my greatest success story. I'd say we're ready to get this done.

Hull Breach, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Eris Morn: Push back the dark. End it.

Cayde-6: She's right, Guardian. There's no doubt in my mind this could possibly work. Now, get to that rupture.

Mausoleum, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Ghost: Okay, that's where the rupture should be.

Cayde-6: Get it open! Once you're through send your co-ordinates. We'll lock down your signal and deploy reinforcements.

The Guardian approaches the rupture and it opens

Eris Morn: The rupture can sense the soul you hold. You are Ascendant!

Cayde-6: Time to go kill a king, eh Guardian? Good luck.

Ghost: Well, I'm ready if you are.

The Guardian enters the rupture

The Founts, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

digital static

Ghost: We're going to have to finish this on our own. My scans are returning nothing. We're definitely... somewhere, but no sign of Oryx.

The Asylum, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

The Guardian sees a floating light, it flees further into the Dreadnaught

Ghost: Well, now we know we have his attention. Hi, Oryx.

The doors open, leading to a room with a rupture in the center

Oryx: You... are the last hope of the Light? I have taken entire worlds! You are not worth to face me.

The rupture opens. Ta'aun, Hand of Oryx and Baxx, Hand of Oryx arrive

The Guardian defeats them

The rupture opens

Ghost: Huh. Well, I guess we're worthy now.

The Guardian enters the rupture

Trenchway, Dreadnaught, Rings of Saturn

Hive Knights and Acolytes gather around a large doorway

Oryx: Come for me, warrior of Light. I will finish what Crota began.

A bridge appears

Altar of Oryx

Oryx is waiting for the Guardian

Oryx: At last, I will have vengeance!

Oryx summons his sword and Taken troops

Oryx: Your Traveler's Light cannot reach you here.

Oryx: What you call Darkness is the end of your evolution.

Oryx transports himself and the Guardian

Oryx: The Darkness is a gift. Let my will set you free.

Oryx fires dark projectiles, summons Taken, and swings his sword at the Guardian

Oryx is defeated, he drops to the floor and reaches for his sword. It is wreathed in a glow resembling that of the Taken.

Oryx laughs before disappearing, leaving his sword behind

Eris Morn: My Queen. You were right. The Guardian was the key. For the first time the whispers are silent. It is done.

Eris touches the hilt of Oryx's sword. It begins to crumble. As the pieces of the sword fall away, a single crystal is left behind, suspended in mid-air. Eris takes the crystal

Eris Morn: I have accepted my fate. I will not fail.

Quest: Welcome to the Dawning

Category: Cayde-6


Quest: The Dance of My People

Category: Eris Morn

Siege of the Warmind

Quest: The Long Play, Dynasty

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