Quest: The First of Many, Vex Invasion

Bazaar, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Ikora: I've been studying incoming recon data from Luna. It all points to the same thing. The Vex have resurrected an ancient Hydra that we call "The Undying Mind." The name says it all, really. We've fought it many times before. Its primary directive is to take control of the Black Garden. Its secondary directives could result in the destruction of the Traveler. It's moving between timelines, hiding itself. It's learned from its past mistakes. But so have we. I'll come up with a plan. But I need time, and I need more data. I'm counting on you.

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Quest: Patternbreaking, Vex Invasion

Category: Ikora Rey

Quest: Vex Invasion, The Vex Offensive