Quest: Vex Invasion, The Vex Offensive

Bazaar, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Ikora: Vex are leaving the Garden by the dozens. We don't know why. Report to Eris if you can spare the time, Guardian. We'll need your help with this.


If the Guardian speaks with Zavala

Courtyard, The Tower, The Last City, Earth

Zavala: I take it you've already spoken to Ikora? I'm glad you're taking this Vex business seriously. Sometimes, I worry that all your successes will blind you. After all, what are a few Vex on the moon to a Guardian who has killed gods? The Vex would not press us now if they did not think they could win. They operate on pure probability, and I'm sure you are key in their calculations. But I trust you. Lead the charge. I'll be handling the rest of our regular operations. Good luck out there. Be brave.

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