Semaphore Signals I: Message from Eramis

Eliksni Quarter, Botza District, Last City

The Guardian listens to a message on the radio near The Ether Tank in the Eliksni Quarter.

Eramis: Misraakskel of House Light. This is Eramiskel of House Salvation. We need not be enemies, but you intend to make one of me. Very well. I have been restored by a power too great to oppose… More powerful than the traitor Machine that abandoned us, and the Machine-spawn who did not hesitate to kill me. But we both know humiliation, don't we? You live in the shadow of those who have destroyed the dream of a unified Eliksni. They have our people's blood on their hands, and you scrape at their feet. It is shameful. YOU are shameful. Where is the Misraaks of legend, feared by so many? Is he trying to outrun his past? We know this is impossible. I am told you have a daughter. Does she know who you are? What are you teaching her, and what lies will she repeat? What won't you tell her when you look into her eyes? You think I am without remorse, but I do not wish to harm my fellow Eliksni. But if you want a fight, then I will give you one. Rally your crew. Take what you believe is yours by right of plunder. I don't expect any better from you.

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