Sever — Reconciliation: Calus's Automaton

The Guardian finds one of Calus's Automatons while helping Crow.

Calus: You. You attempt to halt a cosmic performance that is beyond you, a beauty forged outside of your understanding. You struggle, as I did: a grub fattened on the lies of reality, writhing within a suffocating existence. But the silken walls of that cocoon are not a grave, little grub. They are petals, waiting to bloom. Soon, you will emerge to see the magnanimous arc of eternity unfurl before you, its story laid bare. You will understand what I understand. Our end is set. All that remains is the drama of our strife. The struggle to push open our walls. So, resist if you must. It is in your nature to defy, even against your own best interests. It will only hasten your revelation.

Sever — Rage: Calus's Automaton

Category: Emperor Calus

Sever — Resolve: Calus's Automaton